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A little about us

As parents know important it is to dress our babies with the best quality materials, which is why the idea to Makicotton.

Makicotton is a company Latin-USA which is created in 2011. Our commitment is to market clothes soft, durable, innovative and in fashion for babies.

In the design environment is know the Peruvian cotton ranks as the best in the world for its characteristic the enable their uniform and durable yarn.

Within this organic cotton also find it beneficial to our environment and health, as it is cultivated and grown in areas of fertile land and alive; and its free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and is produced exclusively in Peru.

The use of 100% organic cotton in infants is highly recommended because their delicate skin require special care, this allows a greater benefit of ventilation and respiration.


Offer in this environment in which we live, natural products and organic, in designs that provide comfort and well-being.


Encourage the use of natural products, care our planet that is within reach of all